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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pet Rescue Saga Level 33 Tips

Pet rescue saga level 33 is all about the keys.

You will receive a free key at the beginning of the level. If you don't receive the free key, you need to exit and restart.

Your next task is to free all of the pets from their ledges before you begin working your way down the board. Then your goal is to drop the key to the lock boxes.

Save the rockets for instances where the key is blocked by a single box.

Here is a great video showing how to clear this level.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 30 Tips

The main question from players stuck on pet rescue level 30 is "how do I clear the pets that get stuck on the side ledges?"

The simple answer is not to put them there in the first place!!!

Here's how to keep those pets in line:

New pets drop onto the screen into voids left when pets leave the bottom of the screen, or when no boxes exist. So plan your moves to avoid creating space at the sides of the screen. To achieve this, don't ever click on the blocks in the screen's three left or right columns. 

We found a great example video and included it here.